2 Corner Air Suspension Switch and Gauge Package - BLUE

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2 way ( Left and right with up and down separate control) air suspension gauge panel with digital gauge

2 Corner Gauge panel with switches

This gauge panel comes complete with left and right 2 way momentary switches ( up and down) as well as a digital 2 way gauge!

This kit is perfect for controlling 2 airbags and monitoring the pressures all from one convenient spot. 

The switch panel includes a left and right switch which allows individual inflation and deflation of 2 airbags. The centre switch can be linked to compressor killswitch so you can conveniently turn compressor power off as desired. ( Use this in conjunction with a pressure switch and relay assembly not for direct compressor power)

The gauge itself features 2 digital readouts displaying airbag pressure in psi with 2 easy to install 1/8" npt electronic sensor units. 

These slim sensor units are  perfect for both individual valve assemblies ( Asco, AVS ASSV6 etc) as well as compact valve blocks ( VU2, VU4 VBVU2BK etc ).

Being slim sensors they fit perfectly side by side on a VU2 valve block so no need for extra adapters or fittings to offset them like other big bulky mechanical senders

Kit includes: 

1x Gauge panel

2x Momentary switches

1x Toggle switch

1x Dual digital display blue gauge

2x Slim Pressure Sensor units

1x Wiring harness for gauge

5m of plug and play wiring for pressure sensors

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