Jason brought his VY to us with a poor boot setup. He wanted air suspension done and to neaten the whole boot up at the same time with something a little different. We come up with a design and decided to do dual 3 gal tanks in a teal to match his interior trim. 

Custom hardlines and stainless fittings accented the boot nicely giving some shine to the setup. A custom sub enclosure and false wall & false floor combo setup was trimmed in similar complimenting colours to tie the whole thing together. 

We used our triple convoluted front bag assembly and rear kit with auto tank drain on startup to help make the system easier to drain when you can't access the parts below the floor. 

Accuair elevel plus controls the bag setup with a custom made centre console mount to secure the accuair elevel touchpad. 

Transformed the whole boot install to something that is worth opening the boot to show!

Thanks for driving all the way down to us on a 10 hour drive from NSW Jason!! 

Before: This is how the boot was when it arrived to us


Boot layout after we finished 


Accuair ELEVEL plus touchpad mount in the centre console:

Touchpad mount

Lifted and aired out: