Website Update

The website is up and running but there will be bugs and issues. It has been a long process to redesign the whole site and limited time is taking its toll. It was decided that the website will be opened to public as it has been a good 6 months under maintenance. Please understand there will be issues with the website and if you find any issues please contact us to let us know! 

Something doesn't look right or won't open? Let us know so we can rectify the issue and get back on the road sooner!

Product Update

Each product must be manually entered int the system including description, images, pricing, dimensions, shipping options etc. It is a lot of work so products will slowly be added as time goes on.

Also note that with sales in store and on ebay constantly happening it can be hard to manage inventory quickly. 
An item may be sold in store a few minutes before you purchase online. 

We do out best to update inventory ASAP if sales have taken last stock on website but if in doubt please contact us for a quick check to confirm stock. 

Thanks for your understanding,