What Does Airbag Suspension Do?

What Does Airbag Suspension Do?

A great alternative to firm, heavy duty suspension or lift kits, airbag suspension uses the simple power of pressurised air to aid and assist your vehicle's suspension when dealing with heavy loads and towing. Airbag suspension kits use heavy duty rubber airbags located around your vehicle's springs (or sometimes replacing them altogether), which inflate and deflate when required to provide them with additional support.

The beauty of these set ups is that you get a bolstered suspension setup that doesn't compromise on the ride quality or height of your vehicle's standard springs or shocks. Airbag suspension kits are also often significantly cheaper and more practical to install than lift kits or heavy duty suspension components.

What Should I Consider When Choosing an Airbag Suspension Setup?

What Should I Consider When Choosing an Airbag Suspension Setup?

Every hard working vehicle has to come under different levels of stress and load, meaning it's vital that before you invest in anything too expensive, you make sure the setup you're buying has the grunt to meet your needs. Different airbag suspension kits will suit different types of vehicles and loads, and choosing right from the get go will save you a lot of hassle and work in the long run.


  • Load bearing is the main focus of these kits, helping to keep your springs stable and secure under heavy loads
  • Airbags can be installed in conjunction with heavy duty springs to bolster them up, or use pressurised air to overhaul load-carrying suspension setups altogether


  • Airbag suspension kits can come as both spring helper kits and full spring replacement set ups
  • Spring helper kits can assist both coil and leaf springs by inflating to support them under heavy loads
  • Spring replacement kits replace your springs alltogether, using heavy duty airbags to perform the same duty as the springs did before


  • Heavy duty applications need a more comprehensive approach to suspension upgrades
  • Vehicles regularly carrying heavy loads may require a complete kit
  • Those with simple sagging springs or towing caravans every now and then may just need some helper airbags for irregular use


  • The airbags in many kits can be inflated either manually or automatically from a control module in your vehicles cabin
  • Manually inflated airbags will require the use of an air compressor stored in your vehicle, while electronic kits require the installation of an extra air tank under your vehicle