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6.5" Front Door Speaker Adaptors for Holden VT VX VU VY VZ


6.5" speaker rings with an internal cutout of 145mm to suit VT-VZ Holden Commodore.

The SPRIVTVZF and SPRIVTVZR are front and rear speaker adaptors used in VT VX VU VY and VZ Commodores to allow fitment of most 6.5” Speakers.

Featuring a 145mm cut out to suit most 6.5” speakers (Custom sizes can be ordered upon request)



Prior to installation, it is best practice to paint the mdf rings with a few coats of paint to seal them from the elements and help protect them in the wet environment (the door)

Before removing the door cards wind down your windows so the glass is at the bottom of the door.

Remove the door cards.

Remove the factory speaker pods and speakers.

Install the SPRIVTVZF or SPRIVTVZR pods to the door.

Insert the speaker without screwing it in and check for clearance to the glass.

If the speaker hits the glass on the front doors, install the supplied plastic spacer between the speaker and the SPRIVTVZF pods. Connect the speakers to the wiring and mount the speakers to the pods and refit the door cards.

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