Ring Terminals 00 / 0 / 4 / 8 AWG Crimp Style 8mm hole

Wire Size
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00 (70mm) SC70-8

0 (50mm) SC50-8

4 (25mm) SC25-8

8 (10mm) SC10-8

AWG Crimp Style

These ring terminals allow you to secure your wire to a specific point with an 8mm bolt. These are widely used in the automotive industry allowing for multiple wires to connect to a single connection point such as a ground point or a battery post. 

These can be used in conjunction with a hydraulic crimping tool or simply soldering. 

Top off with some heat shrink for a really appealing wire connection!

Strong, Secure, Safe and Clean!!


Please make sure your wire is in fact 0AWG and not 0 gauge. There is a difference. 0 AWG is a standard and 0 gauge is a rough naming scheme. Lots of wire in 0 gauge is oversize due to being CCA wire so this wire will not fit inside the 50mm^2 lug fully without losing some of the outer strands. For this please choose the 70mm lug (00 gauge) listing.

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