4 Corner Valve Block
200 psi 1/4" Npt and 1/8" NPT ports


This valve block can be used to control 4x individual airbags with 1/4" npt ports. It features dual input and output ports allowing for multiple install configurations depending on where you want to locate the block. This unit also features 4x 1/8" ports for gauges allowing for a sleek and compact install. With a 200psi pressure rating this is one valve block you need in your next install!!

Tech Specs:

·                  Compatible Suspension Type

·                  Voltage Requirements: 9.5 - 16 volts(Common DC12V)

·                  Current Requirements: 1.1 amps

·                  Connectors: IP67 certified

·                  No. of Inlets Ports: 4

·                  No. of Exhaust Ports: 4

·                  Max Operating Pressure: 200 PSI

·                  Cv Flow Factor: .25

·                  Average Adjustment Time: ~2.2 seconds

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