Front Air Struts for VT, VX, VY, VZ ( Sold as a pair)

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Bolt in air suspension front strut assemblies

These bags allow for full safe travel compared to others on the market. 

Using triple convoluted bags means the full travel can be achieved without overextending a double convoluted bag.

Triple convoluted bags also require less air to achieve same ride height meaning a softer ride!

  • GT Sport Monroe shocks
  • Triple convoluted airbags
  • Billet 6060 aluminium 
  • CNC machined plates
  • Burst pressure well over 2 tonne per bag


The upper spring cups must be removed in order to fit these bags with these tops

The spot welds can be drilled out using a spot weld drill and then the 6 outer bolt holes are drilled to bolt the strut top mount into the strut tower

Make sure you retain the spring cups - if you ever want to go back to springs these will have to be tacked back in!

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