Thinkware T700 4G LTE Dual Dash camera kit with 32gb SD

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With 4G LTE technology on-board, the T700 dash cam connects to your smartphone in real-time from anywhere around the world. SOS Emergency message, remote live view, strong impact parking videos, image of most recent park, vehicle status, driving history & firmware updates can all be accessed remotely via the THINKWARE CONNECTED LTE smartphone app.


With 4G LTE technology on-board, the dash cam connects to your smartphone in real-time from anywhere. Simply insert an active nano size 4G SIM Card (not included) with SMS and internet data into the dash cam to gain access to the Advanced Connected Features. Australian Version compatible with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone 4G LTE Networks.


The NEW THINKWARE CONNECTED LTE mobile app offers a wide range of smart features. Now you can truly communicate with your vehicle in real-time seamlessly. One account on Thinkware Connected LTE can connect up to five dash cam devices.



Smartphone App*
*Compatible with Android (7.0 Nougat or higher) and iOS (11.4 or higher)



Real-Time Parking Impact Video

When an impact is detected in standard parking mode by the dash cam, receive a notification and play the 20 second Full-HD video (10 seconds before and after the incident) on your smartphone.


Remote Live View

Remotely view your dash cam in Continuous Recording Mode and Standard Parking Mode by clicking the Live View Button on the app home screen.
*Remote Live View can be requested up to 300 minutes a month.
**Remote Live View is unavailable in Energy Saving Mode when your vehicle is parked.



Captured Image of Parked Vehicle

In Parking Mode, check the location of your vehicle and its surroundings. View a Full-HD image of your front and rear camera including the location of your parked vehicle.


Emergency SOS Alert

A SOS message and video will be sent to your emergency contact in the event of a strong impact crash or when the driver presses the SOS button on the dash cam.

Strong impact crash message includes a 20 seconds video (10 seconds before and after the incident) and location of the crash. SOS recording message includes a 10 seconds video (5 seconds before and after the incident) and location of the crash.

* No new videos can be recorded while saving the 20 seconds of first impact file.

** If a second or third impact is detected, an additional push notification alert of the impact is sent to the user’s smartphone. And if those impacts are within 10 seconds from the first impact, it can be seen in the remaining seconds of the first impact file (e.g. If, a second impact is detected 2 seconds from the first impact, 8 seconds are the duration of the second impact video).

*** Strong impact videos are recorded for 20 seconds (10 second before and after the incident) at 30 frames per second. The videos are uploaded on to the server and your emergency contact will receive an SMS message including the impact details and video URL. The strong impact notification, strong impact video upload and transmission to emergency contact is an unlimited service.

**** The service behavior and the transmission may vary depending on the server environment and your mobile data.

Read More about the Connected LTE Features



Number of Channels 2***
Resolution Full HD 1080P (front) / Full HD 1080P (rear)
Frames Per Second 30
Camera Angle 140° (front) / 160° (rear)
Image Sensor / Camera Type Front: 2.1M ON SEMI CMOS
Dimensions / Weight 110 X 60 X 32 MM / 128G
Video Enhancement Technology ----------------------------

Wide Dynamic Range


Super Night Vision

Yes (during standard parking mode only)

Intelligent Automatic Exposure

WiFi Yes (Supports 2.4GHz & 5GHz)
G-Sensor Yes
Super Capacitor Yes
High Temperature Protection Yes
Operating Temperature -10°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Power Input DC 12/24V
Power Consumption 2CH 4.6W/1CH 3.4W (mean)
Voltage Detection / Cut Off Yes
Accessory Socket Power Adaptor Not Included
Hard Wire Kit (HWC) Included
Mounting Type Adhesive
Thinkware Connected LTE ----------------------------
Thinkware Connected LTE ----------------------------
Compatible SIM Card 4G LTE Bands

Australian Version, compatible with Telstra, Optus & Vodafone

850MHz (B5) – VODAFONE
2300MHz (B40) – OPTUS

Vehicle Battery Voltage Yes*
Remote Dash Cam Power Off Yes*
Driving History Yes*
SOS Notification, Video Backup, SMS Transmission Yes*
Driving Impact Notification, Video Backup, SM Transmission Yes*
Parking Impact Notification and Video Backup Yes*
Download and Share Event Location and Recorded Video Yes*
Last Park Image Capture Yes*
Real-time Vehicle Location Yes*
Remote Live View Yes*
Safety Camera Alerts ----------------------------
Fixed Speed Camera Yes
Mobile Speed Camera Zone Yes
Average Speed Camera Zone Yes
Red Light Camera Yes
Advanced Driver Alert System (ADAS) ----------------------------
Lane Departure Yes
Urban Forward Collision Yes
High Speed Forward Collision Yes
Front Vehicle Departure Yes
Recording Modes ----------------------------
Continuous Loop Yes
Impact Incident Yes
Manual Yes
SOS Recording Yes
Park Motion Detect Yes**
Park Impact/Incident Yes**
Park Time Lapse Yes**
Park Energy Save Yes**
Audio/Voice Yes
Video Format MP4
Video CODEC H264
Compatible Apps Thinkware Connected LTE & Thinkware Das Cam Link (Requirements: Android 7.0 Nougat or higher and iOS 11.4 or higher)
Memory Card Capacity / Class Supports up to 64GB UHS-1
Warranty 2 Years on camera hardware, 12 Months on Micro SD
Country of Manufacture Korea

Important Information


(*) To use the 4G LTE Connected Features and App, the dash cam requires an active 4G nano SIM Card with SMS and internet data (not included). The SIM Card and Smartphone operating the app require mobile internet data and will consume data. Dash cam must be hardwired to vehicle to use the 4G LTE Connected features as well as parking mode features.


(**) The dash cam must be installed with the included HWC to enable these features.


Vehicle Status and Driving History

Monitor your vehicle’s status to check whether your vehicle is parked or operating on the road.View your driving history including data such as date, time, distance, route and driving behavior. Check your vehicle battery voltage and remotely turn off the dash cam when the battery voltage is low

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