480 Series 200PSI BLACK Air Compressor ASAC480B18


12v Air Compressor - Ideal for Air Suspension


Model:                            ASAC480B18
Voltage:                          12v
Max Current:                   23A
Max Working Pressure:     200psi
Flow Rate @0psi (13.8v): 1.8cfm
Duty Cycle:                     100% @ 100psi
1/4" NPT Swivel connector and check valve
Black Finish


1x ASAC480B18 compressor

Mounting hardware

1x Filter unit

2x spare filters

1x Filter relocation kit with hose

2x Barbed Hose Fittings

1x Blade Style Fuse * 

* Highly recommend using a circuit breaker style fuse instead of the blade style fuses. Blade fuses can run hot with high current draw and over time can deteriorate. 

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