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B2 Audio was founded with one major principle. We know that it can be done better, and that’s what we set out to do. Our goal was simple, not to be the cheapest, but be the best!

A group of audiophiles and industry enthusiasts from Denmark had been doing their homework for numerous years prior to founding what would be known as B2 audio.

We officialy stepped on the the playing court in 2008, and have been setting standards and questioning the status quo ever since. Never settling for just good enough, but pushing the envelope of available design and technology to present the best possible products to the industry, with enthusiasm and a what ever it takes attitude. Doing things differently makes us niche & unique, just like the sound and visual preferences of every single person, and honestly? Who wants to be the same as everyone else, eating the same piece of pie and drinking from the same cup? We give you the “Sweet like Danish” approach, something different & unique, for the ones who prefer it a tad sweeter than the rest. Our products end up in the hands of not only industry professionals, but also to the average user who finds out that what they have is not meeting the need of what they want. B2 Audio has a bit of everything for everyone and we’re more than happy to have you along for this ride!

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B2 Audio Rage 2500.1 Mono...
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B2 Audio Rage 2500.1 Mono Block Amplifier

RAGE 2500.1 Circuit configuration: HI-EF Class D Frequency response: 15 HZ-200 HZ Signal to noise ratio: >85 DB Input sensitivity: 4 V-0.1V Crossover circuit: 24 DB/OCT Hight pass crossover:...

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