5m Wiring Loom to suit GP3 - VBVU2 with compressor trigger

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Wiring kit to connect from GP3 Gauge panel to VBVU2 Valve block
Includes compressor trigger wires


The ASWK-GP3-VU2-5 is a plug and play harness to go from the GP3 series gauge panel to the VBVU2 series valve block. Simply plug in the connector to the valve block and connect the spade connectors to the GP3 gauge panel and you are set to go.

Wiring Colours:

Red          :               Compressor Trigger 12V+

Yellow      :               (Corner 1) Left Inflate

Green      :               (Corner 1) Left Deflate

Brown      :               (Corner 2) Right Deflate

White      :               (Corner 2) Right Inflate

Black        :               Ground


Cut the red wires to desired size and crimp on the 2 supplied terminals. The compressor trigger wire 1 connects to the red wire (valve block plug end) and runs to one side of the pressure switch. The other side of pressure switch (using the other supplied red wire) runs to the compressor relay trigger pin (Pin 86).

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